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As of 1st November 2020, the Cyprus Investment Programme is closed until further notice. Contact us for further information. Eligibility for Cyprus Investment Programme. CC Cyprus Investment Programme lawyers are EU Citizenship specialists enjoying a high success rate.
 12 Nov 2020 
Cyprus is one of the fore-runners in the industry when dealing in tax planning. This is valid for both corporate entities as well as individuals. As matter of fact, many ultimate beneficial owners who have established a corporate structure in Cyprus, now also hold residency status in Cyprus due to the immediate positive effect of relocating or commencing their business structure in Cyprus.
 12 Nov 2020 
Hundreds of Cyprus investment applications being received every year. Cyprus investment applications are vetted and approved by the Cypriot government.
 12 Nov 2020 
Overview of the Cyprus Citizenship and Taxation and pre-immigration legal and tax planning aspects of Cyprus Citizenship and Taxation.
The Cyprus Citizenship Programme has been considered one of the most attractive citizenship schemes due its short processing time and cost-effectiveness. The criteria for such scheme involves an investment of €2 million in property in Cyprus or an investment of €2.5 million involving a combination of property in Cyprus and/or investments.
 12 Nov 2020 
The Cyprus Investment Programme has been rated one of the best in the world, offering security and peace of mind to investors wishing to acquire a Cyprus passport. This programme will allow investors and their families to benefit from Cyprus’ idyllic views as well as its booming economy. Through the numerous investment options available, interested individuals will be able to contribute in various manners towards Cyprus’ future.
Dual citizenship is the right to have citizenship of two countries concurrently and in Cyprus dual citizenship/nationality is accepted by law. Since no restriction is imposed by either the Civil Registry Law (2002) or the Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus (1960), nationals of the Republic of Cyprus can have dual or multiple citizenship without any legal implications.
 12 Nov 2020 
Owning property is considered to be a solid investment in Cyprus. Cyprus Investment Practice Group is able to offer you advice in selecting the property.
 12 Nov 2020 
Cyprus has been praised numerous times for its idyllic views and peaceful scenery, therefore, individuals from all over the world seek to buy property in its shores. The Cyprus Investment Programme is offering individuals investing in property with the opportunity of acquiring a Cyprus passport. This will allow investors and their family members to enjoy all the benefits Cyprus has to offer.
 12 Nov 2020 Admin
One of the most attractive global citizenship by investment programmes, the Cyprus Investment Programme has gained significant popularity due to its reliability and rigorous due diligence. Investors and their family members will be able to enjoy the island’s high standard of living as well as its booming economy. The Cyprus Investment Programme also contributes significantly to the Cypriot economy.

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