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At Chetcuti Cauchi, we pride ourselves on being the leading specialist in Corporate Services whose services are based on solid legal and tax advice supported by well-trained company formation, company administration and company accounting teams. Besides presenting as a boutique practice with personalised service, company formation and administration service of Chetcuti Cauchi is eminently capable of delivering top quality levels expected from larger firms, but at the cost of the ones that has limited resources.

Our Corporate Services team is qualified to deliver an all-encompassing and truly multi-disciplinary service spanning company administration, legal, banking support, accounting and tax services. In Cyprus, corporate services providers commonly 'sells' companies as low cost standard 'products' to claim a one-stop shop approach, which later is translated into a farming out of legal and accounting work to various providers. It increases risks in business transaction and lack of co-ordination. What differentiates Chetcuti Cauchi from competitors is that, our company has adopted an ideal all-round service provided in-house in a coordinated approach, and transformed into spot on, responsive services with higher value to totally support our clients.

With fifteen years experience in designing, implementing, managing corporate and trust structures throughout their life cycle, Chetcuti Cauchi relishes the premier position in the area of international tax planning, asset protection, succession planning and corporate services in Cyprus. It also clarifies our practical, responsive and determined characteristics while maintains high level of legal and fiscal compliance, especially in complex corporate structures. At Chetcuti Cauchi, we offer a spectrum of supporting services for companies registered in Cyprus, leverage the use of advanced financial and management technology to produce state-of-the-art corporate services to the international business community.

Tax Advisory Services

With constant developments within the national and international tax landscapes, the EU and the OECD have requested the need for more transparency within the industry in order to eliminate tax evasion and guarantee genuine links between the taxpayer and the jurisdiction in which tax is paid.

For this reason, our tax advisory team at Chetcuti Cauchi are constantly up to date with tax and financial developments as each amendment could have meaningful effects on one’s business.  It is our duty to advise our clients on the latest developments and provide them with a holistic understanding of the implications of the developments on the overall activities and requirements of their business. Our high-quality service has guided clients on a number of tax related issues ranging from cross-border taxation, new ventures and personal interest, and tax compliance. The services we offer include, but are not limited to, personal tax, corporate tax, trading tax, holding tax,  taxation of trusts and foundations, property tax and employment tax, double tax treaties and domestic law.

Corporate Services Expertise

Apart from fully fledged lawyers, the company’s partners and managers are top corporate services professionals actively involved in local professional circles. In the international tax and corporate services sector, we are honored to be member of International Tax Planning Association, the International Fiscal Assocation, Society for Tax & Estates Practitioners and the European Family Business Network.

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