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In the field of Corporate Law and Corporate Finance, our practice ranges from small privately held businesses to multinational entities. It assures that all the needs of our customers are attentively catered for irrespective of the size and company structure. We provide our clients with corporate and tax consultation on complex transactions including  but not limited to mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase of shares and assets, tender offers, exchange offers, and share buy-backs and share buyouts.

Corporate Law and Corporate Finance Expertise

We work closely with elite advocates across the border to provide advice on mergers and acquisitions, divisions, and re-organisations, whether motivated by tax planning considerations or not. Moreover, the firm has also dealt with issues in relation to corporate governance and general company law matters under Cypriot company law and have advised directors and other company officers about their respective obligations.

Banking and Finance - Excluding Bank Regulatory

As Cyprus has become an attractive market to many European as well as international firms, understanding of Cypriot financial market and how to leverage its characteristics is crucial. We help our clients to gain further knowledge about the banking and finance system in Cyprus in order to proceed with any sophisticated transactions and solve any  stumbling blocks they may encounter prior or throughout the process itself. 

Corporate Law

The structure and organization of a company in Cyprus is one of the key factors why Cyprus has become an attractive market. Cypriot Company Law contains clear and precise provisions in relation to company incorporation until dissolution. Having conducted extensive research and familiarized ourselves with Cypriot legislation and procedures, we are able to assist various clients with their daily administration issues and conformity with corporate legislation in relation to any corporate matters. 

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