Energy & Resources Sector in Cyprus


Instrumental to industry, innovation and individuals, the Energy and Resources sector supplies the elemental source for the full functioning of business and society. Whilst rich in natural resources with the Mediterranean on our doorstep Cyprus faces a challenge to innovate our energy sector to meet increasing demand.

Since its inclusion in the European Union Cyprus has been able to diversify its energy concern away from reliance on imported fuels and to using a number of the islands many natural options, such as wind, the sun, and the sea. European Union directives and regulations have laid a landscape for cleaner energy, environmental protection and competitiveness in the sector.

The present century will be branded as one for sustainability, efficiency and innovation in the energy sector and the equitable utilization of resources. Whether it is applying for funding or securing planning permissions Chetcuti Cauchi can offer a diverse range of expertise to fuel your energy needs.

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