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Chetcuti Cauchi enjoys the reputation of a premier Corporate Services specialist with roots in sound legal and tax advice supported by fully fledged company formation, company administration and company accounting teams.  While maintaining the personalised service of a boutique practice, Chetcuti Cauchi's company formation and administration service is able to deliver at high quality levels expected from larger firms at the cost of smaller less geared up setups.

Lead by Corporate Services partner Dr Priscilla Mifsud-Parker and Accounting partner Kenneth Camilleri, our Cyprus Company Formation team is able to deliver an all-encompassing and truly multi-disciplinary service spanning company administration, legal, banking support, accounting and tax services.  It is quite common for Cyprus corporate services providers to 'sell' companies as low cost standard 'products' and to claim a one-stop shop approach which translates into a farming out of legal and accounting work to various providers, with increasing risks and lack of co-ordination.  Unlike competition, Chetcuti Cauchi has adopted a truly all-round service provided in-house in a coordinated approach translated into spot on, responsive services and higher value support to our clients.

As leaders in the area of international tax planning, asset protection, succession planning and corporate services in Cyprus, Chetcuti Cauchi enjoys the experience of fifteen years designing, implementing and managing corporate and trust structures throughout their life cycle, often carrying structures to the succeeding generations. This translates in our ability to be practical, responding without hesitation while maintaining high levels of legal and fiscal compliance, often necessary in more complex corporate structures.  At Chetcuti Cauchi we provide the whole gamut of support services for companies registered in Cyprus, leveraging on the use of advanced financial and management technology to deliver state-of-the-art corporate services to the international business community.

The firm's partners and managers are leading corporate services professionals actively involved in local professional circles. In the international tax and corporate services sector, memberships include International Tax Planning Association, the International Fiscal Assocation, Society for Tax & Estates Practitioners and the European Family Business Network.

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