21 Aug 2016 
Cyprus Personal Taxation is attractive to expatriates considering Cyprus for alternative residency @ citizenship planning. Planning Cyprus personal taxation
 23 Oct 2015 
Cyprus Visa programs allow Non-EU citizens to enter Cyprus. Cyprus Visa Programs include short-stay visas, (temporary) residence- and immigration permits.
 16 Sep 2015 
New Malta Special Tax Status for EU/EEA/Swiss individual pensioners, called the Malta Retirement Programme Rules. Malta Retirement Programme launched 2012
 03 Jun 2014 
Taxation of Maltese Citizens based on Residence and Domicile. Malta Citizenship does not alone alter the tax treatment of persons acquiring Maltese Citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Intellectual Property is often a client’s most valuable asset. It is that area of business law which provides entrepreneurs, whether private individuals or corporate entities, an incentive to create and discover without the constant fear that their initiative could be threatened or prejudiced.

 25 Sep 2013 Justine Bielik

Ukraine and Malta have signed the double tax treaty which now awaits ratification. This publication present the main outlines of the Convention.

 12 Sep 2013 Samuel Desmoulin

On 29 July 2013 the Malta VAT department published new Guidelines on the VAT Treatment of Short-Term Yacht Chartering. The guidelines address situations whereby a yacht owner/operator contracts the use of his yacht for a consideration with a crew or on a bare boat basis for no more than 90 days.

 03 Sep 2013 

The family business model is the most common business unit, both globally as well as locally, with an estimated 70% of all local businesses taking the form of the family business. Family businesses have proven resilient in the face of the global financial meltdown, with their value driven and principles based approach weathering the 

worst of the financial storm.
 31 Jul 2013 Justine Bielik

This publication presents the main outline of the double tax convention between Tunisia and Malta.

 31 Jul 2013 Justine Bielik

This publication presents the main outlines of the double tax agreement between Australia and Malta.

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