Chetcuti Cauchi is a professional services firm providing legal, tax, fiduciary, accounting and assurance services to businesses and private clients worldwide. With roots in Malta@s emergence as a prominent offshore financial centre, Chetcuti Cauchi started in the 1990@s with the merger of the professional practices of its founding partners and has since established a solid name in the legal and financial services industry in Malta.
Temporary residence for 3rd country nationals can be issued by international companies residing in Cyprus if they follow certain following guidelines.
A residence permit can be issued to non-EU family members of EU citizens. Those of non-EU citizens can acquire a residence permit under certain conditions.
A Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip) is for non-EU citizens in Cyprus for long-term a Temporary Residence Permit (Pink Slip) can be issued for 1-4 years
A short-stay visa is issued for travelling to Cyprus if your stay will not exceed 3 months. It can be issued as a single- or multiple entry short stay visa.
Non-EU aliens could apply for immigration permits. Immigration permits are issued to persons qualified for one the 6 Categories listed on this page.
Cyprus Permanent Residency can be obtained through purchasing property or legally residing in Cyprus for a continuous period of more than five years.
EU Citizens entering Cyprus to work and who will spend more than 3 months on the island need to register for a permanent residence permit for EU citizens.
Non-EU citizens residing in Cyprus for at least 5 years as well as their family members may apply for a permanent resident permit for non-EU citizens.
Dual citizenship arises when a person holds two or more citizenships simultaneously. Dual citizenship provides numerous benefits

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