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Dual citizenship arises when a person holds two or more citizenships simultaneously. Dual citizenship provides numerous benefits
 08 Nov 2016 Daniela Bartolo
The sailing of yachts in EU waters and the Cyprus VAT yacht leasing scheme with the possibility of reducing the yacht VAT payable to a rate of 3.4%.
We highlight the benefits of a Second Passport, why it has become a worthwhile investment and analyse the benefits of Malta @ Cyprus Second Passport schemes
Hundreds of Cyprus investment applications being received every year. Cyprus investment applications are vetted and approved by the Cypriot government.
Cyprus Personal Taxation is attractive to expatriates considering Cyprus for alternative residency @ citizenship planning. Planning Cyprus personal taxation
The Cyprus Investment Programme has been rated one of the best in the world, offering security and peace of mind to investors wishing to acquire a Cyprus passport. This programme will allow investors and their families to benefit from Cyprus’ idyllic views as well as its booming economy. Through the numerous investment options available, interested individuals will be able to contribute in various manners towards Cyprus’ future.
Recently, as an incentive to bring about business to the island’s shores, Cyprus’ Investment Programme has introduced an option allowing investors to acquire a passport in return for their business investment within the island. This will further contribute to Cyprus’ booming economy and thriving business sector.
As one of the most attractive schemes currently available, the Cyprus Investment Programme has gained significant popularity due to its reliability and rigorous due diligence. Investors and their family members will be able to enjoy the island’s high standard of living as well as its booming economy. They will also be able to contribute to this economy, investing in its future.
Cyprus Investment Programme is one of the most successful citizenship programs. See if you qualify for the Cyprus Investment Programme.
Owning property is considered to be a solid investment in Cyprus. Cyprus Investment Practice Group is able to offer you advice in selecting the property.

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