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The HR.org is one of the leading online law and government information sites, especially due to its acquired knowledge and experience though its 18 years in operation. Its main idea is to make law, government and related professional information easily accessible to the legal profession, businesses and consumers.

It divides its operations into different sectors, namely:

Law firm directors 
Developed the first self-listing directories online, where attorneys can provide comprehensive information about their individual law firm and their services directly to the legal community and the public, for a nominal cost.
Legal service provider directories
This section spotlights legal service providers on the HG.org website. This includes the listings from HGExperts.com, as well as those for Court Reporters, Private Investigators and Process Servers, who may list their businesses directly on the HG.org site.
Law and practices
This section provides extensive information about many and varied areas of law and government for the general public.
Legal employment 
The Legal Employment Center is an excellent resource for both those looking for legal professionals to hire and for the legal pros looking for work.
The Law Student Center provides helpful information and resources for law students. 
The Legal Publications Center covers a wide variety of online resources for law-related books, news and other publications, with links to Legal Publishers worldwide and other online tools covering wide-ranging legal issues and practice areas.

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