Cyprus Citizenship Amendments 2020

Parents in Law may now be included in the same application

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 21 Aug 2020

Cyprus Citizenship Amendments 2020

As of 1st November 2020, the Cyprus Investment Programme is closed until further notice. Contact us for further information.


The Cyprus Invetment Programme launched in 2013 by virtue of Civil Registry Laws of 2002/2013 has undergone a number of amendments over the years. Earlier this month, the Cypriot Parliament has voted on revised legislation for the programme which were published in the Cyprus Government Gazette on the 18th of August 2020. The new regulations have been laid down by virtue of articles 111A and 117 of the Civil Registry Laws. From its inception Cyprus has approved around 2,800 applications under this programme and the latest amendments are aimed at making the programme more inclusive for the family members of the applicant. 

Inclusion of Parents-in-Law

Prior to these amendments, the applicant could only include in the application his or her parents whilst the parents of the spouse could not be included. By virtue of the new amendments, the parents in-law of the main applicant may now be included in the same application provided that they acquire a residential property in Cyprus worth at least €500,000. 

Another significant amendment is the fact that the adult family members of the main applicant may now submit their citizenship application simultaneously with the main applicant and no longer once the citizenship application of the main applicant is approved. Such an amendment will thus result in reducing the processing time for the entire family. 

Non-Refundable Donation

In the previous amendments to the Cyprus Investment Programme, a non-refundable donation of €150,000 was added as one of the requirements. By virtue of the new amendments approved in August 2020, the donation amount has increased from €150,000 to €200,000. No further increase in the qualifying investment has been made and hence the applicant is still required to make a €2 million investment in residential property or a minimum of €2.5 million under the various other investment options. Such investment must be kept for at least 5 years.

Should an applicant opt to set up or invest in a company operating in Cyprus, he must employ at least nine (9) EU citizenship, instead of five (5) as was required prior to these amendments. 


These amendments have also been introduced to safeguard and improve the integrity and reputation of the Cyprus Investment Programme. In this regard the following changes have been made:

  • It is now required to submit a police criminal record with a validity of at least 6 months
  • Politically exposed persons (PEP's) are eligible to apply provided they did not hold such a position for at least 1 year prior to the submission of the application
  • Individuals related to any physical or legal persons subject to EU sanctions are ineligible to apply

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Over the years, we have assisted numerous investors in acquiring citizenship in Cyprus through the Cyprus Investment Programme. Chetcuti Cauchi is an Authorised Agent and holds licences CIP 046 and CIP 477. What distinguishes our immigration lawyers and advisors from other providers, is our ethos which drives us to maintain the personal, boutique approach of a small firm, while delivering the expertise expected from a much larger firm. Years of experience in the business have reaffirmed our belief in the importance of face-to-face relationships and building a relationship of trust between the investor, his family and their immigration lawyer.

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