Tax Planning in Cyprus


Cyprus has evolved beyond its distant offshore past well into EU accession, developing into a reputable, well-regulated onshore international financial centre. Cyprus enjoys full compliance with international standards of transparency and anti-money laundering and is therefore off lists of uncompliant states and other international black lists.  Cyprus is a member of the Commonwealth, of the European Union since 2004 and part of the Eurozone in 2008.  Cyprus enjoys access to an extensive network of double tax treaties as well as the EU Directives on taxation including the Parent-Subsidiary Directive, the Merger Directive and the Interests & Royalties Directive.

Cyprus offers a pro-business environment for the creation of business value within European shores, offering legal and fiscal certainty within a context of a quality standard of living associated with Euro-Mediterranean states and with the high levels of professional and business services associated with Continental European countries. Welcome to your portal for tax planning opportunities presented by onshore Cyprus.

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