Cyprus Yellow Slip

Cyprus yellow slip requirements & benefits

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | 30 Nov 2018

Cyprus Yellow Slip

Cyprus Yellow Slip

A yellow slip, also known as a Registration Certificate, is available to all European Union citizens wishing to settle and work in Cyprus permanently. Every EU citizen, especially those EU citizens who have worked and lived in Cyprus for 3 months or more, must apply for a yellow slip. Nonetheless, an EU national may still work before or while the residency paperwork is being processed, as a residence permit is not required to begin working in Cyprus. However, if such paperwork is never applied for in the first place, the employer and the employee may be subject to fines.

Non-EU dependents may also be included in the application and, they would still be eligible to benefit from the same rights EU citizens enjoy. Indeed, a successful applicant is often a person who is an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen, who is married to an EU citizen. Nonetheless, the EU applicant may also include close family members as well as dependents who are EU citizens in their application.

Furthermore, a Registration Certificate is for life and does not need to be renewed.

Cyprus Yellow Slip formalities

When one has spent more than three months in Cyprus, they are legally automatically obliged to go to the Civil Registry and Migration Department to apply for the Registration Certificate for EU Nationals, also known as the ‘yellow slip’. This service, currently, is being provided by the local Immigration Branch of the Police in all districts, except Nicosia where a District Migration Office exists.

The Certificate is then issued a few dates from the date of application.

Cyprus Yellow Slip requirements

To satisfy the criteria required for applying for a yellow slip, the applicant must fulfil either of the requirements below:

  • Have a secure and paid job in Cyprus;
  • Be self-employed;
  • Be a student;
  • Have identifiable means of living in Cyprus, without working.

If an applicant does not comply with the above criteria, then the Cypriot Authorities may have good grounds to refuse to issue the Certificate.

Can you live in Cyprus without working? 

Not working does not prevent one from working in Cyprus. However, if one is not employed in the country, then they would be subject to the obligation of having to prove that they have reasonable means of wealth, allowing them to work in Cyprus without becoming a burden for the country’s social and health system.

If, however, one is a student in Cyprus, in addition to a passport or identity documents, they are required to satisfy the following criteria to obtain a Registration Certificate:

  • Proof of their enrolment in a university or college;
  • Proof of funds in a Cypriot or overseas bank; 
  • Proof of comprehensive health insurance. 

Your Rights

EU citizens are free to enter, leave, travel and live in Cyprus. They are, in turn, free to engage in any economic activity, either as paid employees or self-employed persons, service providers or engage in any educational opportunity in Cyprus – of course, subject to the same conditions as Cypriot citizens.

If one is going to spend less than three months in Cyprus, only a valid passport or identity card issued by their country, not expiring in less than 6 months and expressing your nationality, is needed.

Your Family’s Rights

An applicant’s family members are also able to live in Cyprus, just as long as they themselves are EU citizens. The term ‘family members’ incorporates spouses, children under the age of 21, other dependents as well as the spouse’s dependents. 

A Registration Certificate is issued if all the relevant certifications and if an additional fee for each family member have been provided for, as well as if the following requisites have been submitted:

  • Valid passport and identity card; 
  • Proof of family relationship. 

If non-dependant family members are to be included in the application, then there must be sufficient proof to indicate a serious medical condition, rendering them completely dependent.

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