Chetcuti Cauchi approved as a Registered Service Provider in Cyprus

Chetcuti Cauchi approved in the first list of registrations.

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 31 Jul 2018

CCA approved as a Registered Service Provider in Cyprus

As of 1st November 2020, the Cyprus Investment Programme is closed until further notice. Contact us for further information.


The Cypriot Government is now accepting applications for the Cypriot Investment Programme only if the applicant is represented by a Registered Service Provider. Such a decision applies from the 31st July 2018 onwards. This means that the provision of services relating to the Cyprus Investment Programme can only be done through an approved service Provider. 

Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates has been approved in the first list of registrations and holds licence CIP 46. As a firm, we welcome the publication of the Registry of Service Providers which can be accessed from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Finance as well as Invest Cyprus. Such a decision by the Cypriot government to regulate the industry will ensure the responsible conduct of the service providers as specified in the Code of Conduct applicable to approved agents. The Code of Conduct will set the parameters for the provision of services which will protect clients from unethical practices and unlicensed agents. This ensures full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and will uphold the integrity, reputation and image of the government and the country itself.

Benefits of the Cyprus Investment Programme

Benefits of the Cypriot Investment Programme include:
•    Cypriot Passport is granted for life
•    Visa-Free Travel to over 171 countries
•    The right to settle, reside, study and work in 28 European Union countries
•    Investment to be kept only for three years
•    No donations to the Government

Requirements for the Cypriot Investment Programme

The applicant for the Cyprus Investment Programme is required to invest at least €2 million before the submission of the application. Such an investment must be retained for a minimum period of three years. The applicant must also purchase a residential property for at least €500,000 exc VAT in addition to this investment and must retain the latter for life. The €2 million investment can be made either in real estate, whether residential or commercial, the participation in businesses or companies in Cyprus, as well as investment in Alternative Investment Funds. 
In one application, the main applicant can include his/her spouse, children up to the age of 28 provided they are economically dependent on the Main applicant, not married and attending an institution of higher education, & parents of the main applicant provided that they are economically dependent on the main applicant and also that they purchase, through the main applicant a property worth €500,000 which must be kept for life. 

Why Work with Us

Our Residency & Citizenship lawyers are specialized in advising you further on obtaining a passport through the investment route in Cyprus. As an approved Registered Service Provider in Cyprus, our lawyers will guide you through the application process and other related requirements including pre-immigration tax planning. 

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