Lotteries & Gaming Industry in Cyprus

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Often on a tenuous ground, the Gaming industry has exploded with relaxed competition laws and through different communication methods making the sector accessible to a wider market than ever before.

This is a tightly regulated industry to ensure competition between the various companies and to protect the consumer. Therefore for the inclusion of this sector into the national economy a legal framework has been adopted to allay concerns on both sides. It is imperative any vendor in this sector is clear and up to date on the legal situation vis-à-vis the sector.

Chetcuti Cauchi prides itself on in-depth expertise in all aspects of gaming. Through a thorough understanding of the business and of the particular needs specific to different types of operators, whether betting, betting exchanges, casinos, poker rooms, gaming platforms or marketers. Chetcuti Cauchi’s i-Gaming Unit is geared to provide advice going beyond conventional licensing requirements.

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